Save Money Toward Your Student's Band Expenses with ShopWithScrip!

If you are new to ShopWithScrip, it is a great way to save money towards your student’s band expenses. Every gift card has a rebate value. You buy the gift card and the rebate goes into your student’s account. The student account carries over each year, and whatever is left is refunded at graduation. eGift cards may be purchased at any time using your bank account or credit card (with a fee). Here’s how you can purchase gift cards:

  1. Go to and get our enrollment code by emailing;

  2. Create an account on your desktop or on RaiseRight on your iPhone or Android to have electronic gift cards readily available;

  3. Choose the Bank Account option to pay using your own bank account; or

  4. Choose the Credit Card option to pay with your credit card (2.6% fee applied to your total purchase).

You may choose to send an electronic gift card as a present anytime with a personalized message, and schedule delivery via email at a date of your choosing from the ShopWithScrip site (not available on RaiseRight).

Coming late October - NEW for physical gift cards ordered through RaiseRight: Families will have the option to get physical gift cards from 100+ popular brands delivered right to their door—only in RaiseRight™ and adding a shipping fee. Now, families can earn more by conveniently getting eGift cards and physical gift cards from the comfort of home. Orders need to be placed directly from RaiseRight. Choose from brands labeled “Ship to home eligible” and conveniently pay using your bank account or credit card. Maximum of 16 gift cards per order. Orders will be shipped Monday-Friday.

Shop now to start or continue saving for your student’s band expenses. ShopWithScrip makes it easy to save while you shop!

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