Dear Future River Hill Band Student, 


It is time for our first “Future Hawks” event of the year, and you are cordially invited!  7th- and 8th-grade Band students who expect to attend River Hill High School are eligible to perform with our Band on our December 17th concert.  It’s easy - you’ll have just one piece of music to learn, just one rehearsal, and then one awesome evening with the RHHS Bands!  Here’s what you need to do:


*Let me know that you would like to participate by signing up.





*Click on the snowflake and you will see a file with all of the parts to “Tis the Season.”  Find the page that corresponds to your instrument and print it out.  Percussionists should choose bells, suspended cymbal, or sleigh bells.


*Learn your music to the best of your ability (if you have some trouble, it’s NO PROBLEM!).  You can hear a demo recording by clicking on the “listen” icon HERE.

*Attend our rehearsal on stage at RHHS on Thursday, December 16th from 8:00 to 8:30 PM.  Your parents may absolutely attend the rehearsal if they wish.


*Arrive at RHHS on December 17th a little before 7:00 to enjoy the concert.  When it is your time to perform, I will call you up to join us on stage!


Here are some things to remember:

*You MUST attend the entire rehearsal on the 16th in order to perform on the 17th

*Concert attire will be whatever you normally wear for your middle school Band concerts.

*You must use your musician's mask and bell cover at both the rehearsal and the performance.

*You need to sign up by December 12th at 11:59 PM in order to participate.  

*The concert is FREE, so please bring your family and everybody else that you know!


I hope that you will join us!  My students and I truly look forward to performing with you.




Mr. B.

Michael E. Blackman

Director of Bands