Solo & Ensemble Festival Confirmation

Hello to the River Hill Band Program,

Below is a list of all students who have submitted Solo/Ensemble forms. If you believe that there are any inaccuracies, please let me know right away.


Mr. B.


Solo & Ensemble Sign-up Confirmation List

Student Solos:

Julianne Blackman

Srikar Bala

Benjamin Krakower

Kathryn Montgomery

Laura Mason

Sydney Liu (x2)

Vishwa Siddabathula

Kevin McAllister

Kevin Liu

Paria Tofigh

Tiffany Liu

Daniel Soong

Semmie Lee

Brian Wu

Michael Zhang

Lindsey Jiang

Geena Lin

Erik Marlow

Ray Dai

Caden Canapp (x2)

Duets & Ensembles:

Caden Canapp & Daniel Hwang (Duet)

Erik Marlow & Ray Dai (Duet)

Andy Yan & Andrew Zhong (Duet)

Lindsey Jiang & Geena Lin (Duet)

Megan Liu & Pheobe Chan (Duet)

Megan Liu, Kristina Chao, Julia Liu, & Angelina Phung (Quartet)

Musically, Michael Blackman RHHS Bands mobile: (301)741-0312

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