Busy week in band!

Dear Band Family,

Here are some important reminders to help you through the next three days:

Thursday - Prism Concert run-through right after school. We will start WITHOUT instruments, but please have them in the Band Room so we can grab them quickly when the time comes. We will be done by 5:30.

Friday - 2:15 rehearsal, 4:00 dinner, 6:15 arrival at stadium for Senior Ceremony, 7:00 kickoff

PLEASE BRING WARM CLOTHES to wear UNDER your FNL t-shirt. The only jackets that may be worn over your t-shirt are a River Hill Band jacket or an unzipped plain black sweat jacket. The dress code will be enforced.

Saturday - 6:00-6:15 arrival and warm-up, 7:00 performance

You will need your FNL uniform (shirt, jeans, sneakers) AND your formal concert attire. Please be sure that your formal attire has been altered so it fits and looks great. Do not wait until Saturday to see if your tux or dress fits. Remember that we wear BLACK dress shoes, and that gentlemen need BLACK socks.

I am very excited to perform with you this week! If I can help in any way, do not hesitate to let me know.


Mr. B.

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