Info for 2021-2022 River Hill Bands

Dear Current and Future RHHS Band Members, The ensemble rosters for next year have been sent out via email. It was a true pleasure to hear each of you perform individually on your placement audition. I am confident that everyone is placed where he/she will be most successful, and I look forward to working with you in those settings. Remember that EVERY student performs, and when it is time to “take our show on the road” (I am still hoping for Orlando next spring!) EVERY student travels. I am particularly excited about our brand new Percussion Ensemble class, which will give percussionists not only the specialized attention that they deserve, but also expanded opportunities to play - both with the winds and in their own chamber groups. If you believe that a name may have been left off my lists, please let me know. It is possible that I simply just didn’t get a chance to connect with everyone, and I don’t want to overlook even a single student!

PLEASE READ ON……. If I have placed you in an ensemble other than the one that you put on your course selection form, no worries - I have already taken care of that in the guidance office. You don’t need to do anything. I would like to take a moment to address the issue of instrumentation. There is a balance of instruments that is necessary for a Band to be successful. It doesn’t matter how amazing the students are (and my students ARE all amazing!) and it doesn’t matter how good the teacher might be - an improperly balanced Band can not sound like it should. Think of an athletic team with too many players in the same position…..same thing. The River Hill Band Program has some very serious instrumentation issues (as you can see from the rosters): FAR too many students playing flute, clarinet, and saxophone, and a serious deficit in the horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, oboe, and bassoon sections. Now is a great time to think about an instrument-switch, because not only can I hook you up with an outstanding private instructor to help you make the transition, but I can also give you an instrument immediately. PLEASE contact me if yo

u would like to talk about this possibility. Changes in instrumentation are good for the individual students (who are sitting in overpopulated sections) and good for the program as a whole. Two final things for you to think about are instrument upgrades and private lessons. For a high school musician to reach his/her individual potential and contribute fully to the overall success of the group, he/she should be on an intermediate or professional model instrument. Really - this makes a difference, because your body has grown to the point that you have a de

gree of muscle control and development that is no longer appropriate for the instrument you purchased in fourth grade. The other hope is that each of you is receiving private instruction on your instrument. This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing when it comes to musical development, and we have many great teachers in our area. Please let me know if I can assist with an instrument upgrade or with selecting a private instructor. I have recommendations for both that will help maximize the value of the investment! I know it’s a little early, but WELCOME TO THE 2021-2022 RIVER HILL BANDS! We are going to accomplish AMAZING things together! Musically, Mr. B.

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