Info for 2021-2022 Marching Band Camp

All members of the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble, and selected members of the Percussion Ensemble (denoted by an asterisk on the roster sent out by email) will be part of the Marching Band, which performs for our home football games during the fall. I am optimistically assuming that everything will be “back to normal” next year, so I will announce now that all Marching Band members will be needed at our Summer Band Camp, which will be weekdays

from August 16th through August 27th, 4:00 PM - 8:30 PM. It is necessary to have all Marching Band members present for the full duration of every rehearsal, not only for musical reasons, but also for safety reasons, as the entire drill (the visual component) of our halftime show will be taught during these two weeks. I appreciate you putting these dates on your calendar, and keeping them in mind as you schedule vacations, driver’s education, tutoring, student work schedules, etc.


Mr. B.

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