Pie Sale Orders due October 23!

Good Morning to the RHHS Band Program!

This is a reminder that orders for our largest fundraiser of the year, the annual Pie Sale, are due on October 23rd. Students have been receiving daily reminders about the importance of this event, and we have some great incentives in place. ALL Band students are asked to sell at least eight pies, and our amazing Band Boosters are offering us a pizza and pie party if we can sell 700 pies as a program. Students who sell 30 or more pies will receive a gift card to any vendor that participates in the Scrip program! We need to net $5000 profit to satisfy this part of our fundraising budget, so obviously we need everyone's help! This sale was incredibly successful last year and that is why we are doing it again. The pies are delicious, and they can stay frozen for as long as you like. The pickup date is November 21st, so tell everyone you know that they do not need to bake for Thanksgiving! Students received sales materials in class and they are also attached to this email. PLEASE do your part for the Band program by selling (or buying!) at least eight pies, and remember that orders are due on October 23rd.

Thanks very much,

Mr. B.

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