Important Reminders from Mr. B

Good Evening to all RHHS Band Families,

I have some reminders for you about Band deadlines:

1. Spring Trip commitment forms and checks are due tomorrow (please see my email from Saturday). I need a form from each of my 121 Band students BY TOMORROW. We need to be sure that we have a viable ensemble so we can commit to the trip. Please support us in this effort. It is a BIG DEAL for the kids and they are going to make memories that last a lifetime! Please note that there is a spot to indicated that financial assistance may be needed. The Music Boosters, school administration, and I want to help in any way that we can! As always, the Scrip Program is the best way to chip away at the cost of the trip....

2. Shoe and glove money is now past due. We have performed twice with these uniform parts, so please make your payment if you haven't already.

3. Attached is the current volunteer schedule for the Mary's Land Farm fundraiser. Please verify that your name is listed under the correct shift and let me know if there are any mistakes. You will see that there are a couple of shifts that are overstaffed - we have been asked to limit each shift to 10 student volunteers. If your name appears in one of the "long lists," please let me know if you can change to a different shift. We also need a few more students and parents in general, so if you have not signed up, please let me know how you can be a part of this effort. The fundraiser is next weekend! Be sure to spread the word to everyone you know, because we make money for every guest that attends.

4. All-State Audition commitment forms were due on Monday, so I am assuming that all of them have been submitted. I will move ahead with my part of the registration process.

Thanks to all! See you tomorrow....


Mr. B.

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