All-State Band Auditions!

Dear Band Families,

As I've mentioned to all of my classes, the procedure for registering for All-State auditions has changed dramatically this year. My colleagues and I are trying to understand the process and I ask for your patience as we all figure this out together. I have extended the deadline for registration to next Monday, September 23rd.

First, here are the dates:

*Junior Band (grades 7-9)

auditions at Edgewood High School (in Harford County) on November 16th

rehearsals & performance on March 12th - March 14th in Baltimore

*Senior Band & Orchestra (grades 10-12)

auditions at Edgewood High School (in Harford County) on November 23rd

rehearsals & performance on March 13th - March 15th in Baltimore

*Jazz Band (grades 10-12)

auditions by videotape (Mr. Blackman can assist!)

rehearsals & performance on February 20th - February 22nd at UMBC

There is an $8 fee to audition (new this year), and if you are accepted to the ensemble there will be a participation fee of approximately $450.

STEP 1: Read over the All-State audition requirements at

STEP 2: Complete the online Parent/Guardian Confirmation Form at

STEP 3: Pay the $8 audition commitment fee

  1. Go to

  2. Find the drop-down menu and select “2019 Audition Commitment - $8.00”

  3. click “add to cart”

  4. fill in all of the blanks

  5. click “add to cart”

  6. click on the shopping cart icon which should say “1 item”

  7. click “checkout”

  8. enter your email address and payment information

  9. click “review and purchase,” and complete your transaction.

STEP 4: Print the attached confirmation form (link in Upcoming Deadlines)

, complete it, and return it to me by Monday, September 23rd. I can not complete your registration without this form.

I hope these instructions were clear. Please let me know if you need any assistance, and GOOD LUCK with your preparations!


Mr. B.

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