Important Band notes for this week!

Dear RHHS Band Families,

Thank you so much for an AMAZING first week of Band Camp. Even with some unexpected hurdles to get over, we accomplished a great deal together. You work ethic is superior, and I am thrilled to be spending this time with you in such productive rehearsals.

As we prepare for the second week of Camp, here are some important reminders.....

1. PERFORMANCE TOMORROW - We meet in the Band Room promptly at 9:30. We MUST be in the auditorium for rehearsal by 9:35 so we can clear out before teachers from the other schools begin to arrive. I am aware that new students do not yet have Band t-shirts, so please wear jeans, sneakers, and some kind of River Hill t-shirt (if you have one). Due to the nature of this performance, students who play non-marching instruments will not be able to play, so if you play auxiliary percussion, keyboard, electric bass, or synth, you are excused from this event.

2. DUE DATES - Your Band Handbook page was due last Friday. Dinner money is due this Friday (a check is fine, and your Band Booster officers will also be telling you about a PayPal option at the meetings this week). Memorization forms are due on September 5th.

3. BACK-TO-BAND MEETINGS - Tomorrow at 3:30 and Thursday at 8:30. Please choose one, and come learn about all of the awesome things that our kids will be doing this year in Band! My hope is to have these meetings in the auditorium.

4. THIS WEEK'S REHEARSAL SCHEDULE - Regular schedule each day, except that on Thursday we will stop at 8:30 for the Back-To-Band Meeting, and on Friday ALL students are needed from 4:30-9:00. Don't forget to bring dinner.

Thanks again everyone! You are amazing!!!


Mr. B.

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