Back-to-School Shopping with Scrip

Dear Band Parents,

Whether you are out shopping for back to school items, doing a regular run to the store, getting your morning coffee fix, or dining out, take advantage of ShopWithScrip, where you can save some money while you shop! Think of saving some money toward our Band Spring Trip to Orlando, Spirit Wear, Marching Band shoes and gloves, or other Music Department expenses!

If you haven't done so yet, please go to, click on Join Program and email me at to get our Enrollment Code and register with our high school.

Once you enroll, follow a few easy steps to set up your PrestoPay account (this step takes a couple of days to activate) to pay online for your ScripNow orders. Or, pay for gift cards using your credit card (Visa and Mastercard) (NEW!). The rebate amount is the same any way you pay! However, a 2.6% fee is added to your order total each time you pay with a credit card. You will have instant access to electronic gift cards and reloads as usual. When you check out, you will see "Credit Card" under "Payment Options" in your cart. Make sure and download MyScripWallet on your iPhone or Android to have access to your electronic gift cards at any time. All gift cards have a certain rebate percentage which goes into your child’s account every time you buy them. So, sign up to order electronic gift cards and start accumulating funds in your child’s account!

Please note that we will not be processing any physical gift card orders until after school begins - only electronic gift cards (ScripNow). We will be processing orders for physical gift cards about four times during the school year. Be in the lookout for our emails with deadlines since physical gift cards will have to be picked up at school at set dates/times.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Thanks very much,

Karina Cowan

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