The big RHHS BAND email (and to do list)!

To All Members of the 2019-2020 RHHS Band Family,

OK Gang, HERE WE GO! This is the “big email” that will take care of most of what we need in order to prepare for Marching Band Camp in August. In the past I have done this with several different emails, but I think this format will be better for everyone. First, I would like to remind you that instrument sign-out should be completed for all brass players. For woodwinds, I promise to let you know as soon as everything comes back from the shop.

And now, I have a number of tasks for you, and the first few of them need to be completed by next Sunday, July 14th. I will need to hear from EVERY FAMILY (via there Google Form linked below) in the Band Program by the 14th so I can begin writing Marching Band drill on the 15th. Please do not begin to fill out the Google Form until you can respond to all of these requests:

RHHS Band tasks - set 1, to be completed by 7/14/19:

1. Verify that all Band students and parents in your family are receiving emails from me. Please email me with any updates or additions.

2. I need to know which RHHS athletic teams you plan on joining during the fall season.

3. Please open the attachment on this email and do two things: verify the accuracy of the information next to your name, and print out your Marching Band Music. (Remember that all Concert Band students are stationary for their first year.) Your music can be found on the Band Booster website, on the Music page. In some cases, you might be surprised to see what part you have been assigned. This is usually because there is no official part for your instrument and I have made a substitution. I think everything is correct, but feel free to reach out if you want to confirm. : )

4. Please contact me directly (before filling out the Google Form) about any pre-existing conflicts with Marching Band activities. (We will take care of the rest of the year’s calendar shortly.) Here is a complete list of Marching Band rehearsals and performances. Full attendance is expected at each of these events:

8/20 Camp 6:30-9:00 (day one is for student leaders and NEW MARCHERS only - those who were stationary or in middle school last year, and are marching this year)

8/21 Camp 4:30-9:00 (stationary members from 4:30 - 6:00 only)

8/22 Camp 4:30-9:00 (stationary members from 4:30 - 6:00only)

8/23 Camp 4:30-9:00 (stationary members from 4:30 - 6:00 only)

8/26 Dr. Martirano kickoff performance 9:30 - 11:00 AM

8/26 Camp 4:30-9:00 (stationary members from 4:30 - 6:00 only)

8/27 Camp 4:30-9:00 (stationary members from 4:30 - 6:00 only)

8/28 Camp 4:30-9:00 (stationary members from 4:30 - 6:00 only)

8/29 Camp 4:30-8:30 (stationary members from 4:30 - 6:00 only)

8/30 Camp 4:30-9:00 (EVERYONE)

9/6 Rehearsal/Dinner/Football Game begins right after school

9/20 Rehearsal/Dinner/Football Game begins right after school

10/11 Rehearsal/Dinner/Football Game begins right afterschool

10/18 Rehearsal/Dinner/Football Game begins right after school

11/1 Rehearsal/Dinner/Football Game begins right after school

5. For parents, please consider coming to one of our “Back to Band” meetings. I have scheduled two of them to increase the likelihood that you will be able to attend. They will be on Monday, 8/26 from 3:30-4:15 PM and on Thursday, 8/29 from 8:30-9:15 PM. We will discuss concert wear, earning money toward Band expenses (including Spring Trip), the calendar for the year, etc., and of course I will try to answer any questions that you may have!

6. Please determine your t-shirt size. Adult sizes only.

Once you have addressed items 1-6, you may fill out Google Form #1 here.

PLEASE complete this by July 14th. I can not write a single page of drill until I have heard from everyone in the Band Program.

And now it is time to begin practicing your music. We will play everything that you have printed out, but only the following pieces need to be memorized:

Go Hawks Go

The Star-Spangled Banner

Ode To Joy (measures 29 through 47 ONLY - you can ignore the first 28 measures)


On Top of the World


Please do not panic about learning and memorizing this music - YOU CAN DO IT! I am available all summer to help with any music reading or performance issues, and I have a GREAT suggestion for memorization: practice with the recordings. Many of the recordings are already posted on the Booster website (directly below the .pdfs with your sheet music), and the rest will be up within a few days. I promise you that practicing along with the recordings is the key to memorization. Memorization must be complete by September 5th. Oh - another suggestion would be to make sure you are tapping your foot with the steady beat while you practice, as this will prepare you for the movement we will be doing in our halftime show. Please get started now, so you are sure to be ready for Band Camp on August 20th.

RHHS Band tasks - set 2, to be completed by 8/15/19:

1. Decide whether or not you will be purchasing dinners (provided and served by the Band Boosters) on home football game days. Meals will be $8.50 each, times five meals = $42.50. In the past we have served pizza, sub sandwiches, Chick-Fil-A, etc. Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Checks can be submitted during Band Camp, and should be made out to “River Hill Music Boosters - Band.”

2. If you are planning to buy meals, think about what kind of pizza and sub you like. You will enter your preferences on the Google Form.

3. Please go to the Band Booster website and find the RHHS Band Handbook. Read the handbook, and print out the last two pages, which are the signature sheet and the music memorization form (please note due dates). The link is:

4. Please go to the Band Booster website Music page and download the complete Band Calendar for 2019-2020. Complete participation is expected for all required activities (those shaded in blue), so I am asking you to contact me directly (now) with any pre-existing conflicts that may affect you. We will need to work through each conflict together to make sure we are set for the year.

5. Determine who will be your emergency contact when on travel with the Band. You will enter that phone number on the Google Form.

Once you have addressed items 1-5, you may fill out Google Form #2 here.

PLEASE complete this by 8/15/19.

You have probably already noticed that you can find all sorts of great Band information on the Booster Website. All of my emails, as well as upcoming deadlines, can be found in the “News” section….you can import all Band events to your Google Calendar under “Event Calendar”….you can even enjoy video and audio of our performances in the “Gallery” section. Please visit often!

Thanks very much! I look forward to working with all of you!


Mr. B.

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