Dear River Hill Band Family,

I am just a couple of days away from getting you the full year's Band calendar, but I need to tell you about something HUGE that just came to my attention. On the morning of Friday, August 25th, there will be an enormous gathering at River Hill High School. Every teacher from Clarksville Elementary, Clarksville Middle, Folly Quarter Middle, Triadelphia Ridge Elementary, and River Hill High Schools will assemble in our auditorium for a school year kickoff celebration with HCPSS's new Superintendent, Dr. Michael Martirano. Dr. Martirano himself has requested that the event begin with a performance by YOU - the RHHS Band! It is extremely important that we show ALL of these folks just how amazing we are, so we really need EVERYONE to be there.

Parking is going to be a mess, so we will beat the crowd by meeting for a rehearsal in the Band Room at 9:30 AM (and please carpool if you can), and you should be done with everything by 11:00. Concert uniform will be blue jeans, sneakers, and your black FNL t-shirt. (If you do not have an FNL shirt yet, please just wear a black t-shirt in its place.) We will perform a drum cadence, our Fight Song (Go Hawks Go), and something "festive" - probably Laugh-In(!). Please be sure that you are in the Band Room by 9:30 so we can deal with everything and be ready to knock everyone's socks off.

Once again, this incredibly important and VISIBLE performance is for EVERY BAND STUDENT, including ninth-graders, and I am assuming that, unless I hear otherwise, you will all be there with me to show the community what we can do. Thanks very much!

Cant wait,

Mr. B.

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