A special note to RHHS Band Parents

Hello to the greatest Band parents in the county!

As you know, the River Hill Band program is a very active organization that provides multiple opportunities for Band students to perform at many different venues. As much as I love the job and look forward to every minute with your children, I can not accomplish everything by myself. Our Band Booster Executive Board is responsible for so much of what your children enjoy throughout the year in Band, and I would not be able to focus on our important musical issues without their assistance in other areas. A number of our current board members (including our president) are going to be "graduating" this year and in 2018. We need to have a new board elected at the May meeting so that the transition to the new board can occur at the June meeting. Below is some information about the various board positions. I am hoping that you will consider taking on one of these responsibilities so that we can keep the band program at its current level of excellence!

President – Duties include running regular meetings, coordinating between the RHHS music department staff and the Booster organization, and managing the Booster organization.

Vice President – Primary duties are supporting the President in his/her duties and coordinating volunteers for the various Booster-supported projects.

Treasurer – Duties include formulating the budget for the Booster organization, tracking expenditures and receipts relative to the budget, handling all monetary transactions on behalf of the Booster organization, and handling the paperwork for tax purposes.

Student Account Treasurer – Duties include managing the student accounts, coordinating with the RHHS music department staff in communicating with the students regarding their accounts, providing periodic account summaries to the students (families), and coordinating with the Booster Treasurer to monitor account balances.

Secretary – Duties include recording and publishing the minutes of the Booster meetings and coordinating communication from the Booster Board.

For more information, please contact email president Stephen Baronowsky at sbaronowsky@verizon.net, or contact any of the other Band Booster board members. I am also happy to chat as well.

Thank you for considering – the kids and I truly need your help!


Micahel Blackman

Band Director

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