Fruit delivery has been rescheduled to Sat Jan 28 from 7am - 11 am

Students who are available to help out may receive TRI-m or NHS credit. Or just Thank yous from the music department. Please email if you can help.

We are competing with several events that Saturday at school so will meet up in the lobby by the auditorium. Fruit Pick up will be by the double doors by the drop off loop for cars. We can not use the cafeteria.

Parents and students we also have some grapefruit, CA Navels, and minneolas left. Email us if you want to reserve.

We want to thank Mr. Blackman for his hard work last month in the bad weather, as he and the Bernsteins emptied the entire truck. We hope this will not happen again :) and thinking nice warm weather thoughts.

Thank you. Mrs. Hartley and Mrs. Swanner

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