Nashville Trip Fundraiser Info!

Good morning everyone! We are kicking off the Nashville Trip fundraiser today. We are giving everyone the opportunity to sell TriQuest Gift cards. Nobody is required to sell them, but for every $20 card you sell, $18.50 will go into your Student Account which can then be used to pay for your trip or any other band related fees.

Attached is an information form so you can understand how the cards work as well and an order form. Please feel free print multiple order forms and turn them in as often as you get orders. (you don't have to save up all your orders) I will have cards in-hand today, so as soon as you turn in your order forms, I can send the cards home with your students. If you would like to check out the website to explore all the fantastic deals, we have a demo code that will allow you to browse, but not use the discounts.

1. Go to 2. Type 1300 in the first box and 55 in the second box on the Discount Card. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and don't forget that these cards will make great holiday gifts! Thanks, Esther Evans

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