Important Reminders from Mr. B

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for another fantastic week of rehearsals - we continue to make great improvement and learn at an impressive pace. Our audiences are in for a real treat this year!

Our Prism Concert rehearsals are this coming Wednesday - October 26th - after school. Wind Ensemble is from 2:30 until 3:30, and Symphonic Band is form 3:45 until 4:45. This is really our only chance to work the music with winds and percussion together, as our "run-through" on November 3rd will be almost entirely devoted to the logistics of putting on a concert of this complexity. Wednesday's rehearsals have been on our schedule since July and I have received VERY few reports of conflicts so I am looking forward to near 100% attendance. Please remember, as we continue through the year, that all conflicts need to be discussed WELL in advance (at least a month) so that we have CLEAR resolution as events approach. I always try to respect your busy lives by scheduling very few after-school rehearsals and we truly need everyone in order to be at our best! Thank you for making sure that ALL Band events are on your family calendar.

If you are auditioning for the All-State Band, please feel free to come and play for me! I can offer feedback, cheer you on, or just sit silently and listen - whatever is best for you. As you prepare for the audition, please remember that sight-reading is an important part of the evaluation.

G/T Wind Ensemble students - your first quarter essay and packet are due on Friday.

Demo recordings of our current repertoire (and even some of our Winter Concert selections) are on the website! Check it out by visiting Look under the "more" heading and then click on "music." Enjoy!

As always, do not hesitate to let me know if I can help with anything, and I thank you for the honor of working with each one of you!


Mr. B.

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