FNL Schedule - October 14, 2016

Hello Everyone!

It's been a great week in the Band Room, and I can't wait to get in the stadium tomorrow and treat our audience to another amazing halftime show! As you know, we have some very special folks who are joining us - our Future Hawks, who will be River Hill Band members in the coming years. The way we treat them is VERY important. Everything you do and say will have an influence on them, and it needs to be a POSITIVE influence from beginning to end. Let's make them feel as welcome as possible, and be sure that they leave with smiles on their faces!

Here are a couple of other things to remember:

  1. Dress warm. The dress code will be strictly enforced, but you wear as many layers UNDER your FNL t-shirt as you wish (and, of course, a River Hill Band jacket on top!).

  2. The FNL rules have been shared with each of you, and they must be respected at all times. I have included that document below.

Here is the schedule for tomorrow:

2:15 - move to stadium and warm-up individually

2:30 - rehearsal begins - please do not be late

4:00 (or earlier) - rehearsal ends, return to Band Room, prepare for Future Hawks

4:45 - Future Hawks arrive at the front entrance to River Hill High School (please help if you can!)

5:00 - dinner with Future Hawks

5:30 - Future Hawks Music Department tour and Q & A (please help if you can!)

5:50 - Future Hawks get dressed and prepare for game

6:00 - full ensemble warm-up and mini-performance for Future Hawks in Band Room

6:25 - move to stadium

7:00 - kickoff!

9:30 (approx.) - game ends, return to the Band Room

9:45 (approx.) - Future Hawks dismissal

10:00 (approx.) - RHHS FNL Ensemble dismissal

I look forward to another great performance with you!


Mr. B.




  • Within the times designated on the rehearsal/performance schedule, River Hill High School and Mr. Blackman are directly responsible for you. You must be with the ensemble in the area(s) specified by Mr. Blackman. You may not leave school grounds and you may not be away from the ensemble. Any downtime between rehearsal and dinner is to be spent in the Band Room. Please let Mr. Blackman know if you need to leave to use the bathroom. Any choice to leave school grounds may result in administrative disciplinary action.

  • Cellular telephones and other electronic devices are not to be taken to rehearsal.


  • All food is to be eaten over tiled floor. If we have not reserved the cafeteria, we eat in the hallways bordering the practice rooms and the theatre classroom. ALL trash must be deposited in trash cans, and any messes need to be cleaned up. Appropriate courtesy is to be shown to Band Booster parents at all times.


  • When in the bleachers, be ready to play at all times. We stand every time we play. Please do not play unless directed to do so by Mr. Blackman.

  • Care for your instrument at all times, and do not touch anyone else’s instrument.

  • Non-Band members are prohibited from sitting with the Band in the bleachers.

  • Please use the bathroom before departing for performance. If you must use the bathroom during a football game, please let Mr. Blackman know, and walk with a peer of the same gender.

  • Cellular telephones and other electronic devices are not to be taken to any performance.

  • The only food or drink allowed in the stands is water supplied by the Booster Parents.

  • Performance dress is your FNL t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. In the cold weather, guidelines are as follows: You may wear as many layers below the t-shirt as you like, but the layer directly under the t-shirt must be plain black long sleeves. The only jackets you may wear over the t-shirt are a River Hill Band jacket, or a plain black sweat jacket with a full length zipper.


  • Everyone participates in clean-up. Once the Band Room is cleaned up, Mr. Blackman will dismiss you. You may not leave before the ensemble is dismissed.

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