Our 1st FNL Performance!

Dear River Hill Band Families,

Here is some information about tomorrow's FNL performance:


2:10 - end of school day

2:11 - move to stadium with instruments and music

2:30 - winds and percussion rehearsal

3:00 - winds, percussion, and guitar rehearsal

4:00 - practice setting up in bleachers

4:30 - secure percussion, stands, and other equipment

4:45 - move to band room

5:00 - short chill time

5:15 - dinner - THANK YOU BOOSTERS!!!!!!

5:45 - dress and prepare

6:00 - warm up

6:20 - move to stadium

6:30 - set up on track

6:45 - pregame

7:00 - kickoff

7:50(?) - halftime

9:00(?) - game over, move to band room

9:15(?) - clean up, including resetting the Band Room

9:30(?) - dismissal as an ensemble - nobody leaves before dismissal

2. PERFORMANCE ATTIRE - FNL t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. Wear to school and show your spirit!

3. ORDER OF PERFORMANCE - please put your music in the following order in your FNL binder:

*Fight Song

*Alma Mater

*Star-Spangled Banner

*Brick House





4. HELP NEEDED - I need to move a large amount of equipment to the stadium between noon and 2:00. May I please ask for some parent help? I could really use it! Thanks for considering.

This is going to be an INCREDIBLE performance - I can't wait!!!!


Mr. B.

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