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Welcome to the River Hill Band Program! The RHHS Band Boosters organization provides support primarily for band activities and ensembles. This is accomplished through volunteering, coordinating activities and events, and ongoing fundraising. The Band Booster budget is allocated to the director to be used towards the purchase of new or replacement equipment, instruments and music; stipends for guest artists and master classes; and items that are not provided by the County. We are committed to providing the necessary resources so that we can continue to provide an outstanding musical experience.

The Make Music Happen donor campaign is our primary means for raising funds to provide for these resources. Any amount is welcome but if every band family donated just $100, we would be well on our way to meeting our goals. Our high standards of excellence require commitments of time and energy but also require funding to provide for the musicians who proudly represent River Hill High School.

The Band Boosters is one of the few parent organizations at River Hill that does not charge a membership fee. If you have a child in band, are an alumnus, or just enjoy supporting music education, you are a band booster. We need support from ALL of our band families who appreciate the hard work and accomplishments of our musicians.

All donors are recognized in concert programs throughout the year and a tax receipt is issued for all donations received. Your donations may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. We also encourage you to approach local businesses and your employers to consider sponsoring our music program. We especially welcome your own business support and provide recognition ads on our website.

Individual/family donations may be made using PayPal (click here) , or by filling out the attached Individual/Family Donation Form. Corporate donations may be made using the Corporate Donation Form.

All this information can be found under Fundraising and then Make Music Happen

Thank you for your support. Please let me know if you have questions.

Kathy Hartley

River Hill Band

MMH Chairperson

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