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RHHS Band Scheduling

Hello to the amazing families of the 2020-2021 River Hill Band Program! I trust that you saw Mrs. McKinley’s note about this year’s schedule, and I wanted to follow up with some Band-specific information. My mind-reading skills have improved a bit over the years, so in this note you will find the questions that I know you want to ask and, to the best of my knowledge, the answers to those questions. Before I forget, though, I want to invite ALL OF YOU - students and parents - to a virtual “meet and greet” next Tuesday, August 11th, at 3:30 PM. The Google Meet code will be “RHHS Band,” and of course please be sure that you are logged into your HCPSS account before joining. OK, here we go…

ShopWithScrip – Buy Your Electronic Gift Cards Now!

If you are new to ShopWithScrip, this is a great way to shop while saving money for your student. Every gift card has a rebate value. You buy the gift card and the rebate goes into your student's account to spend on things like the Band Spring Trip, concert wear, etc. Here is how you can purchase electronic gift cards: 1. Go to and get our enrollment code by emailing; 2. Create an account on your desktop or download Raise Right Fundraising (replacement to MyScripWallet) on your iPhone or Android to have electronic gift cards readily available. About Raise Right: ( YouTube

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